Nunziatina Del Vecchio has spent the majority of her life as a professional cellist, playing with major European Orchestras and Ensembles. British born, but of Italian descent, she spent 10 years in Germany until moving to London in 2010. Now married with 2 children, Nunziatina leads a triple life as a mother, cellist and artist. She uses acrylic paints and media to create rich texture and colour which are characteristic of her abstract artworks. Influenced by the music that she has spent her life playing, her spontaneous instincts and emotions dictate the movements and textures she creates. 

Her works have been commissioned by collectors in the Uk, Germany and the Middle East. Her pieces have also been used on multiple album covers in both the classical and film genres.

“Every glance draws me in and I am lost in another world.”

“Nunziatina’s works are truly inspirational, with a reflection of all that is encompassed in life; light and dark, fear and courage, delicate and bold.”

Mihkel Kerem

“We are very proud to have commissioned 2 paintings by Nunziatina Del Vecchio whose art aligns beautifully with World Heart Beat’s vision that music and art is the universal language, a language of the heart , of joy and freedom that expresses the value of each individual, bridging cultural and social divides.”

Sahana and James Gero, World Heart Beat Music Academy

More about Nunziatina…

I’ve been a musician since the age of 4 and the cello became my life, long passion. Art was something I always enjoyed in my spare time, it was a place I could escape to when stress levels got very high.

Meeting my husband and having children led me to making decisions about the amount of time I would be away as a musician. I felt that being a mother was something I wanted to devote the majority of my time to, this meant obviously less cello playing and in turn less creativity, which I very quickly craved. So if I wasn’t changing nappies, feeding or sleeping, I started to paint to release some of that much needed self expression.

I got my first commission in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. I now have a passion for painting just as much as I do for performing. My time is spent juggling being a mother, cellist and artist.

I’ve always had a love for acrylic paints as they allow me to explore richness in colour and texture and there are so many mediums which can enhance the process of creativity.

My artwork although abstract, has always a feeling of great depth and contrast. I am inspired by the music I have played and the emotions experienced as a performer, but also as a human being, the emotions and experiences we draw from every day life. Very often I will approach the canvas with a specific emotion, sensation or mood. I want to be able to draw my audience into the canvas and allow them to find their own story.

As a very tactile person, texture is very important to me. I have often had clients or visitors tell me they want to touch my work, some children have even expressed the wish to eat it! There are many layers to my work, many windows, each with different markings, variations in the use of particular colours and textures to take you on a journey.

Sometimes I find it difficult to finish a work, but there is always a moment whilst painting when I get the urge to add my signature and at that point I know that my journey with that piece is slowly coming to a close.

“It was love at first sight as my husband and I saw ‘Snowdrop’ . We knew immediately that we wanted to buy it from Nunziatina. It has been in our home for a year now and everyday we find joy in admiring it. It depicts so much to us, hope, tenderness, vulnerability, strength, resistance, patience and peace. The colours light up the painting, bringing it to life. It’s so wonderful.”

Rebekka Riedel